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When You Boil Your Own Pot, It Is No Less Potty-Mouth Friendly Than a Potty Source Buzzfeed

Boiling the water and pouring it over your tongue is one of the easiest ways to kill a germs-infested dish.

But there are a lot of ways to boil your own pot.

Here’s a list of our favorite ways to make your own: The Basics  First, start by taking a couple of small pots of water, put them in the fridge, and make sure they’re completely cool.

If not, let them sit for about a week or two.

You’ll want to boil water to between 165 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit, which is ideal for most people.

You don’t want it to go above 175 degrees.

After the first week or so, your pots should look like this:You can use either a potting mix or a combination of both to make the water.

The potting mixture will keep your pot from getting too cold and is perfect for a slow cooker.

The combination of the two will let your pot maintain a temperature that’s about 160 degrees.

It’s also good for making a sauce that has a higher level of protein, like our potato sauce.

If you want to make a sauce with a higher protein level, you can use a combination like our veggie chili sauce.

You can also boil your water by pouring it in a colander, or if you want, boil it in water baths. 

If you want a more authentic-looking sauce, you’ll want a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice.

If your water isn’t very warm, you may want to add a little lemon juice instead of water.

The second thing you want is to add water to your pots after you boil it.

Boiling the pot water is actually very easy.

Start by submerging your pot in a pan with the water you just boiled.

You want to keep the water warm, but not so hot that you boil the pot through the sieve.

Next, drain off any excess water from the pot.

Now, add some of your boiling water to the pot’s sides, like this, and then pour it over the top of your pot.

The mixture should look something like this.

If the water is hot enough, you should have enough water in the pot to make an average of about 1 tablespoon of sauce.

And since it’s hot, the sauce will have a slight tingle when it comes in contact with your mouth.

If it’s not, it’ll have a lot more heat.

Add your sauce to your favorite dish like your tomato sauce or chili.

You may need to add more to make it taste better. 

It’s important to boil the water, too.

If the water gets too cold, you could easily have a water bath in the dish and the mixture will be too hot to handle.

So, instead, boil the entire pot water-wise.

It won’t take as long to make, but it’ll make the most of your time.

Here’s what we did with our own homemade potato sauce:

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