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What to know about the biggest shark attacks in British history

It’s been almost a year since the tragic shark attack that claimed the lives of two British surfers, Lee Harvey Oswald and Lee Harvey Nichols.

The incident took place in the Gulf of St. Lawrence in February 2017, in which Oswald was a crew member.

Now, two years later, the two men are set to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for a special interview.

The Ellen DeGenres Show is the world’s most popular TV show about women, and the show’s executive producer is Ellen Degenres, who is also the star of Ellen.

In the episode, which will air on Sunday, April 23, the pair talk about the attack and how it has affected their lives.

“I don’t know if I can even explain how sad it is,” Nichols said in the interview.

“We’re still living in shock, and we’re still trying to process everything that happened.

We were both young, and I remember going to school and seeing pictures of the dead bodies on the news, and it’s just such a horrible thing.”

Oswald’s mother told ABC News that he was “totally fine” when she met with him in the hospital.

Nichols said that he “was crying and begging for help,” while Oswald’s sister called him a “hero.”

In 2017, the incident left two British surfer dead, and a second man dead in New Jersey after a shark attacked.

According to the BBC, the victims were Lee Harvey “Bob” Nichols and Lee Seymour “Lee” Nichols.

Nichols was the captain of a private charter boat, and was riding a private yacht, which he used to visit a group of wealthy friends, according to the Associated Press.

As part of his testimony, Nichols said the boat captain told him that he had a vision in which the shark was a “human being.”

“He said the shark looked like someone that had just walked out of a cave,” Nichols told ABC.

“He said it was a human being.

He said it had this kind of body.

It was just this kind, humanoid face, and he was very clear about the body and the size.”

The couple was on a trip to Las Vegas when they came across a shark that was approaching the boat.

They called the local police, who were able to capture and euthanize the shark.

Two days later, on April 28, 2017, Nichols was killed by a shark off the coast of Hawaii, and Oswald was taken to the hospital for treatment.

During the course of their investigation, authorities determined that Oswald had killed Nichols, who was found dead in the back seat of his own boat.

Authorities also concluded that Oswald, who had a criminal record, had intentionally attacked Nichols.

Nichols’ family is currently in the process of starting a lawsuit against the owner of the boat, who the family claims was negligent.

Both men were also charged with attempted murder and manslaughter.

Nichols was sentenced to death in March 2018, but he was later freed on bail.

Nichols remains on the loose.

ABC News’ Michael Stobe contributed to this report.

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