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Why did the Steelers sign Andrew Luck?

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed QB Andrew Luck.

That’s a pretty good sign, right?

Well, no.

Luck was a bit of a disappointment to a lot of people, even the ones who actually liked him.

We were expecting more from him and his skillset.

So, how was Luck going to fit in the Steelers offense?

We have a lot to learn from him.

But first let’s look at what we know about Luck so far.

What we know: The quarterback had a pretty impressive career in the NFL, starting out as a quarterback with the New York Jets and then with the Cincinnati Bengals, before being traded to the Indianapolis Colts in 2012.

Luck threw for 4,894 yards and 26 touchdowns in his three seasons with Indianapolis, but only managed to average 8.9 yards per attempt in his four seasons with the Colts.

Luck started out in Indianapolis and made the transition to the Colts offense a smooth one, and he was able to get the ball out quickly and efficiently.

Luck did his best to avoid turnovers, and his passing efficiency numbers are a bit off from what we’d expect from a QB who has been throwing a lot, and is also throwing the ball at a high rate of completions.

Luck’s success has also been hampered by his injury history, which has allowed him to struggle with consistency in terms of accuracy, completion percentage, and yards per completion.

Luck has struggled with accuracy on some of his throws, and while he did throw an interception, the ball was only in the air for about two seconds before it was picked off.

Luck struggled with passing accuracy and accuracy when he was getting sacked or getting hit on the play.

Luck had one drop in his career, and it was only on the first play of the second half against the Denver Broncos.

That was a drop that could have easily been caught by the offensive line.

Luck hasn’t had much of an opportunity to prove himself in the passing game, and the Steelers have a very small group of pass-catchers.

So if Luck is going to improve his accuracy, the Steelers will have to be willing to take a chance on him.

Why Luck will succeed: Luck has some unique skillset that makes him extremely hard to replace.

He’s got an arm that can get to the ball, a quick release, a good feel for the offense, and an arm strength that makes it difficult for receivers to stop him from getting to the football.

Luck is a big-time thrower, and when he’s throwing the football, he’s going to have a ton of success.

This is the reason why the Steelers drafted him in the first place.

He has a lot going for him, and if he’s able to find the right coach and develop those skillsets with the Steelers, he should be able to thrive in Pittsburgh.

Why he won’t: Luck’s biggest issue will be the pocket presence he has.

His accuracy and ability to throw the ball to his receivers will not translate well to the NFL.

The Steelers have struggled with this for years, and they should be ready to make a big splash with a QB with Luck’s skillset and talent.

Luck could be a little bit of an experiment for the Steelers if they don’t find the best way to get him the ball.

How about the other quarterbacks?

The other quarterbacks are also very similar.

The only thing that could potentially cause a lot more problems is the fact that these guys are all backups.

The Colts had a very good defense, which was able make some big plays in the red zone.

The Texans had some real good quarterbacks who could run the ball in the open field, and I don’t think that will translate well in the pocket.

Luck will have a hard time adjusting to that.

The Chiefs are a very physical team, and that will make it hard for Luck to throw with a lot confidence.

Luck might have some success against those teams, but the problem with that is that he will have the ball thrown at him, so he won�t have the same confidence in his throw as he does when he throws it to his teammates.

Luck should be a great fit in Kansas City, but I think it won�s hard for him to make it work for them.

What happens if Luck isn’t good enough?

If Luck can’t get the best out of himself, then I think the Steelers should consider trading him.

If he can’t play at the highest level he can, he will become a very expensive bust, and there are no guarantees he can ever make a significant impact on the Steelers.

He could end up playing with a bad team for a long time.

That is what I think Luck will do.

Luck probably won�’t be the best QB in the league, but he will be very, very good.

He will have some issues throwing the deep ball, and will also struggle with accuracy.

Luck needs to learn how to play with his receivers, how to adjust to the pocket, and how to improve on his accuracy and timing.

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