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A man walks into a restaurant and orders a hot dog and a beer, says “he’s hot,” then proceeds to boil the food, says The Lad

A man walked into a California restaurant and ordered a hot dogs and a pint of beer, said “he is hot,” and proceeded to boil all the food he had ordered.

In a new video, The Lad has learned that the man, who said he was a chef at the restaurant, is the same man who filmed the incident in the restaurant’s parking lot on Thursday.

The video shows the man walking in the parking lot of the restaurant with two other men, one of whom was the chef.

The man orders two hot dogs from the menu and gets his drink, then walks away.

He returns about 10 minutes later with a second beer, and another customer comes up and asks what he’s doing.

The man tells them that he was the owner of the food truck and asked for their ID, but when asked if they had paid for the food and drinks, the man said no.

The second man then asks what happened to the other hot dog.

The owner told them that they had to leave because of a fire, and he then walked away.

The restaurant owner then asked the men to leave, saying he was going to get a fire extinguisher.

They left, but a few minutes later the man walks up and starts yelling that the restaurant was closed because of the fire.

A woman and her child also watch the video.

She says she had never heard of a hotdog boiling, but says she has heard of people who order hot dogs at a restaurant for a while and that the hot dogs were boiling.

When asked if he knew how to boil a hot-dog, the suspect says “no.”

A restaurant employee, who is a member of the California Restaurant Association, said that the group has worked closely with the city of Sacramento to make sure that restaurants and food trucks are operating safely.

The association said in a statement that it was aware of the video and that they have been working with the Sacramento Police Department to investigate.

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