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5-Star Restaurant on the Beach, Bath & Beyond and Denny’s in Boston open their doors to guests on the move

Boston (AP) For some, a visit to the beach is as much a part of their everyday life as their weekly chores.

But for others, it’s a time to relax, and the beaches are their new destination.

For a group of friends, that’s exactly what happened when they were visiting the beaches of Maine for their first vacation in years.

“We’ve been here since we were in middle school,” said Ashley Schmitt, 21, who’s from New Hampshire.

“I think it’s just something that we have to have, just so we can have our beach house and we can do whatever we want to do with it.”

Bath & Beyond is the newest addition to the Denny the Ripper chain, which opened its doors in 2011 in Bath, Massachusetts.

The chain offers more than 2,000 restaurants, including the Dining Room and Bistro, and it has a restaurant at each of its locations in Boston, New Hampshire and Vermont.

For the group of Boston-area friends, the new locations at B&B and the Dressing Room were a big deal.

“It’s always been a part-time job,” said Schmitt.

“We’ve worked a lot of different jobs.

So we were kind of excited to see it open up.”

They have some plans for the Doring Room and the dining room.

“For us, it was kind of a part time job, but it’s definitely going to be fun,” said Hannah Nolte, 19, who lives in New Hampshire with her boyfriend, Austin.

Nolte said they’ll be staying at B &A in New York for the next few weeks.


B is also opening a new restaurant in Boston and is hiring a chef to work in the Dilling Room.

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