What is a boil?

In the United States, a boil is a condition in which a substance that contains enough water to kill one person is exposed to high pressure in a container.

In Canada, a burn occurs when the skin around a patient’s head, neck, chest, hands or arms becomes red, painful or blistering, and the person cannot breathe.

The condition is more common in older adults and those with compromised immune systems, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

It’s not uncommon for people to be diagnosed with a boil.

The symptoms of a boil can vary depending on the severity and location of the injury.

In some cases, the skin may turn red and blistering.

In others, the patient may have a burning sensation in their chest, or they may experience pain and/or swelling in their head, hands, face or arms.

Boil burns occur when the pressure of the water in the container builds up, which leads to a reaction in the skin, according the Canadian government.

The skin may also develop a crust or scab, according Health Canada.

“We are seeing a spike in burn cases, particularly among older people,” said Dr. Scott M. Smith, director of the Burn Care Program at St. Michael’s Hospital.

“It’s very common.

It’s a pretty severe problem, and it’s very easy to catch and it takes quite a while to get it under control.

The sooner you get to it, the better.”

Dr. Smith said he believes the rise in burn-related infections is linked to the rise of the opioid painkiller fentanyl, which has been detected in the bloodstreams of people with severe burns.

He said it is likely fentanyl was involved in at least a third of all new cases of a burn, as more people are using it.

Maintaining a safe environment for burn patients, especially when dealing with the hot, crowded environment of burn clinics, is an issue, said Dr

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