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Which is the safest method of cooking chicken?

The answers depend on the species of chicken and the cooking method.

For starters, it’s important to keep the temperature of your chicken low enough so that steam escapes and water boils off the surface of the chicken, says Dr. Kevin Wiltse, a University of Minnesota-based veterinarian.

That means the chicken can’t be boiled in a pan, or under a broiler.

But, for a recipe that calls for boiling the chicken in a shallow pot, Wiltsel says, you should use a water-filled, nonstick skillet.

“The water-to-oil ratio is the most important thing to look at,” he says.

“That’s how much of the liquid evaporates into the pan.”

A pan with a higher water-oil proportion can result in more steam escaping.

The best cooking method, says Wiltzel, is to use a slow cooker.

“You don’t want it to get too hot, because that can actually cause the chicken to turn brown,” he explains.

“It’s better to cook the chicken for a few hours in a slow-cooker, but if you’re cooking for two hours, it can be even better.”

A slow cooker is also ideal for the slow-cooked, slow-rising chicken breasts.

A slow-cracking, slow cooking method involves placing the chicken on a flat surface with the bottom of the slow cooker placed on a rack to keep it from cooking up.

A low temperature can allow steam to escape and cause the skin to crack.

The slow-rise method is the traditional method used in the United States.

While the slow cooking process does yield the most flavorful results, it doesn’t provide as much heat to the chicken.

It also requires that the chicken be kept at room temperature for the entire cooking time.

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