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Why the crawfish boils in Louisiana?

We’re just starting to get to grips with the mystery of why Louisiana’s crawfish is boiled, and whether it’s safe to eat, but scientists say they have some clues.

Read moreThis is one of the most important questions about the crawfishes: is the boiling of the flesh unsafe?

There are lots of reasons to suspect the answer is no.

First of all, there’s the evidence.

In fact, the only place where the flesh can be boiled is in a commercial cooking operation, and that’s where the crawdads are boiled.

But the reason the flesh is boiled is that it gives the crawflakes a much better chance of breaking down into oil and other nutrients.

That’s why, for instance, when they’re boiled in a large pot of water in the US, the flesh will get much tougher than when it’s boiled in water.

And that’s not to mention the fact that the crawgles are the main source of the fatty acids found in many soups and stews, including those made with chicken stock.

So the meat is cooked with the crawflake-rich meat that’s been cooked in a boiling bath.

That’s why they’re so tender, says Richard DeSouza, professor of food science at New York University.

But even if the flesh’s not boiled, there are some other factors that may contribute to the tenderness of the craw.

For example, it’s also been shown that cooking the flesh in hot water also causes the fat to separate, which can lead to fatty streaks.

“This is a very good example of a process that produces a fat that’s so high in fat that it’s very difficult to separate it,” says DeSoufas.

“You’re not going to get any fat off of it.”

So what you end up with is a soupy mess, with a fatty substance that can’t be separated and that makes it difficult to cook with.

And that’s why it’s so difficult to find a recipe for a stew made with crawfish, which is why, in addition to the popular Louisiana crawfish dish, other crawfish dishes are also made from the crawfeast.

It’s a delicate balance to strike, says DeLucas.

But if the craw is boiled with enough care, it should be safe to cook.

But what about the people who enjoy it?

For some, the taste is so unique, the colour so striking, and the texture so delicious, that they’re willing to pay more for it.

That might be because the food is also being prepared from a high-quality product that’s cooked at high temperatures, which creates a unique flavour profile, says Rene Fain, who specialises in food preservation.

And it’s worth noting that the dish is not just for people who can afford it.

Fain says it can be enjoyed by people who aren’t accustomed to eating a dish made from a species with a distinctive flavour.

“People who are not accustomed to cooking, that’s for sure,” he says.

“But if you’re someone who can cook, it’ll appeal to them.”

The final ingredient to the stew is fish.

The crawfish comes from the Louisiana craw, which was first introduced to New Orleans in the early 1900s and is considered one of New Orleans’ best fish dishes.

Fain says there’s no need to cook it too hot.

He recommends that people cook the craws in a small saucepan with some olive oil and a little salt and pepper, until the fish is tender and the flesh has turned a light yellow.

That way, it becomes easier to cut into small pieces, he says, and it’s easier to eat.

And when you’re done with the fish, just discard it.

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