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When the Louisiana crab boil is done – it’s time to call it quits

A Louisiana crab cook must now call it a day because the restaurant is closing its doors, after the state’s Department of Health announced that it had found a bacteria that could cause cancer.

The health department said that it was investigating the cause of the illness.

Last week, the state banned cooking in restaurants with any kind of “cookware” or “food preparation equipment” and announced that all crab boil restaurants would be closed until further notice.

In a statement, the department said it would take measures to ensure that no more than three people could be involved at a time.

“We have not found a single case of any human exposure to this bacteria in Louisiana restaurants,” the department’s statement said.

The department also said it had not found any human cases of any other bacterial disease.

“These measures will ensure that our restaurant communities remain safe places for residents and visitors to enjoy our food,” the statement read.

This is not the first time that a Louisiana crab fryer has caught the disease.

In April, the Louisiana Department of Public Health announced it was testing about 40 restaurants to see if there were any cases of the bacteria in their restaurants.

It said that tests showed no human cases.

But it added that it could not say with certainty whether there had been human cases in other restaurants, either.

The state’s crab boil ban was first announced in February and was widely expected to go into effect by July 1.

Last year, the ban was extended until December 31, 2020, because the state said that the bacteria had become resistant to the current testing.

The ban came after a number of outbreaks of foodborne illness linked to foodborne illnesses were traced to Louisiana restaurants.

Last December, an outbreak at a Louisiana restaurant was traced to the presence of bacteria from a frozen crab boil.

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