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‘I don’t know if I can eat’ after eating ‘boiled’ peanuts

A man in the U.S. was shocked when he saw a man and woman eating peanuts at a restaurant he’s been at for about a month.

He said it wasn’t until the woman’s son took a bite that he realized what was happening.

“I had never seen anything like that,” said David Zielinski.

He told CBC News he was shocked and then shocked even more when he found out the woman had gone to the restaurant with a family member who’s allergic to peanuts.

“That’s pretty shocking,” said Zielinksi.

The man said he and his wife are both allergic to peanut, but it doesn’t affect them at all.

“They just eat it and it’s good for them.

I’m just not a big fan of peanuts,” he said.

Zielinski and his family had been dining at the Red Lobster restaurant in the parking lot of the restaurant when a customer approached the couple and said, “Hi, I’ve been here a few days and I’ve had peanuts, but I just want to buy you a bag of them.

Can you do me a favor and put a bag in my food?”

The man told Zielinsky and his husband that they have to put a large bag in their food before the person can eat them.

“My wife is allergic to anything that’s peanut-containing, so it’s like, ‘Well, we’ll have to be careful with that,'” he said, adding that he was scared the food might contain peanuts.

The couple says they’ve been coming to the seafood restaurant since December.

They say they haven’t eaten the peanuts at all since.

Zelinski and Zielinski say they have not eaten at the restaurant since their last meal, which was December 18.

They’ve been at the seafood and bar-restaurant since.

They say they’ve never heard of any restaurant or people being allergic to them.CBC News has contacted Red Lobsters for comment.

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