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Watch the video: What to know about boiling crab

We’re just a few weeks into this year, and with so many different foods on offer, how do you decide what to eat?

We recently had the pleasure of watching the video below from the Food Network’s Boil vs Pimple series, where host John Waters discusses the best ways to prepare the most deliciously tender boiled crab.

The series was created by John Waters to show how easy it is to prepare crabs in your kitchen, whether they’re fresh or frozen.

If you’re not a fan of the series, you can also catch up on the latest news and entertainment from around the world on ABC TV.

What to look out for in this video: Boil crab: How to cook fresh crab and get the perfect crab flavour The best way to prepare boiled crab, and which dishes can go with the best result: Cooking the raw skin with vinegar and garlic or boiling it in a pot with water and lemon juice to make the perfect crispy crab It’s a tricky process, and it’s worth a try!

You’ll need to use a large pot or frying pan with a lid, and the best thing about this method is that it will leave you with a crispy crust on the outside, and tender crabmeat on the inside.

For more on the series and other cooking methods, click here.

What to know before you get started: You can get the crabmeat ready by boiling in a saucepan with a pinch of salt and pepper and a splash of oil for a minute or two.

It’ll become very tender and the skin will turn a nice golden colour.

It’s worth cooking in the pot with the water first to soften the crust.

Boiling in water with a little lemon juice is another great way to get the crust to soften before you begin cooking.

Cooking the raw crab meat is very easy.

It will cook in a hot oven for a few minutes before turning tender and crisp.

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