Bleacher report: “The Big Three” are ready to return to the NBA

Bleacher REPORT’s Zach Lowe has been following the NBA for the better part of a decade. 

He knows a lot about the NBA draft and its history. 

In fact, he was in a small-school basketball league in the 1980s when he played for the Detroit Pistons, a team that had just moved from the American Athletic Conference to the Western Conference. 

The Pistons’ draft was filled with superstars, from Michael Jordan to Shaquille O’Neal, but Lowe’s main takeaway was that the NBA’s elite of the past three decades are ready for a return to form. 

“I can say I’ve been following these NBA drafts from the beginning,” Lowe said. 

With the 2018 NBA draft just around the corner, Lowe spoke to Bleacher Sports’ Sam Amick about the importance of the 2019 draft to the league’s elite. 

NBA: What is your best guess as to how the 2019 NBA draft will go?

Lowe: The best guess is that it will be a very good draft.

It’s going to be a great draft.

You’ve got guys like Dario Saric, the guy who was the third overall pick, and he’s going up against the best point guards in the world. 

You’ve got Derrick Rose, who was in the top five. 

And then you’ve got Kevin Durant, who is a two-time MVP and a player who has been the best all-around player in the game. 

I’ve seen a lot of great players come out of this draft, and I can’t tell you how good they’ve been. 

It’s going be a big class.

And then, of course, you’ve also got a couple of guys who were in the second round who are going to go first overall. 

What are the key storylines from the 2018 draft?

Lowe’s first takeaway from the draft was that players like Durant, Rose and Saric will go in the first round, and the Warriors will get a good pick with the first overall pick. 

Then there are the other things.

The Warriors were really focused on taking the best players in the draft.

And they were really smart.

I mean, this draft was a great class.

I think we had four or five guys that were really high-character guys that are going in the lottery.

And I think they’re going to do really well. 

Why are they so high-profile? 

I mean, it’s not just because of what the Warriors did.

They’re very well-respected by other teams. 

So, it is a very big class and I think it’s going a long way toward making the NBA great again. 

Will there be a bidding war to draft one of these stars? 

Well, I don’t think that will happen.

I know for a fact that Durant will be in the mix for the first three picks, and that he’ll be the second overall pick in 2019. 

Who will the Warriors draft? 


How much does he cost? 

He’s going for a lot more than the two second-round picks. 

There are a lot better options out there, but Durant will likely end up being a very high-end player. 

Where is the most talent in this draft?

The Warriors have four players who are projected to go in this round.

They also have two other players that are expected to go at the top of the draft, in the third and fourth rounds. 

When will Durant and the rest of the top prospects arrive in Los Angeles? 

They’re all going to come back for the 2019-20 season, and they’re all in different stages of development.

They all have different ways of going about getting ready for the next season. 

Does it feel like this is a rebuild year? 

Yeah, it feels like this.

But I think this is also a good draft for the league. 

Did it feel good to win a title? 

It felt great.

And that’s what the players wanted to be.

They want to be in a good place and have success. 

If Durant were to go into a bidding fight for the #1 pick, what would it take for him to sign with the Warriors? 

First of all, I think he’s a great guy.

I can see how he can help the Warriors and help the franchise. 

But, I also think he can be a star in this league.

And he’s done it before. 

Is it a long shot that Durant could be traded to a team in a year or two? 

There’s no way. 

Would the Warriors make him the No. 1 pick in the 2019 Draft? 


Do the Warriors feel good about trading Durant to another team? 


Have the Warriors made a trade to move up for Durant? 

Not really. 

Was the Warriors really going to trade Durant to the Knicks? 

That would be a stretch. 

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