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How to make an outdoor wood boiler

Boiled chicken and chicken wings are now being boiled in an outback Australian town and it’s an easy recipe that’s been on the menu for years.

A couple of months ago, the family who run a farm on the banks of the Brisbane River started to notice the chickens’ meat drying out.

“They were very thin and it was getting very tough,” Mrs Pongol, from the Pongollah Watershed Community, told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“We were in the process of trying to save them and decided to do it for them.”

She said it took about three weeks to get everything ready to boil.

“It’s pretty easy,” she said.

“You boil the chicken and then it’s ready to cook.”

A new recipe for a traditional Aboriginal way to cook boiled chicken has been shared on Facebook.

The recipe is made from a chicken drumstick, which is usually fried and served with mashed potatoes, carrots and a dash of chili oil.

The chicken can also be boiled in a clay pot or on the stove top.

This recipe has been used by many Aboriginal communities for centuries, but the recipe has also been passed down from generation to generation.

Mr Pongoul said it was his parents’ idea to create this recipe in their backyard.

“My mum and dad, they always had a chicken on the grill, so it was always a big tradition to have it cooked,” he said.

Ms Pongolin said the chicken was usually prepared in the traditional way.

“The drumstick is usually left to dry for about an hour and a half,” she explained.

“Then, they get mashed potatoes and then they’re boiled.”

Mrs Pongsoul said the process involved some cooking techniques that have been passed on from generation.

“One of them is the use of clay pots,” she added.

She explained the drum sticks could also be cooked on the BBQ and then the chicken would be grilled. “

Another one is you’re going to be frying the chicken in a cast iron pot, so you’re heating the chicken with the water and then using that to cook the drumsticks.”

She explained the drum sticks could also be cooked on the BBQ and then the chicken would be grilled.

“Some Aboriginal people are more adventurous and they cook their chicken in the oven, but they do it on the barbecue,” she told ABC Brisbane.

Chicken meat dried out in a pot The recipe for this traditional Aboriginal cooking method was developed by the Pongsol family in 1974, with Mrs Pouli said she was surprised it had not been passed along from generation of Aboriginal families to generations of Australians.

She said many people did not know about the history of this method.

“I’ve been cooking with the drum stick since I was a little girl, and that’s where my dad learnt it,” she laughed.

“He used to do a lot of things like this and I just thought, ‘I know this is not a tradition that is very widespread’.” Mr Pongsolin said it wasn’t long before the community began to look after their chicken.

“In the early days we had to keep it warm and we had the chickens to feed the chickens,” he explained.

The Pongsols said the chickens were usually fed chicken meat on top of rice and potatoes.

“But we’d also get to the other side of the river where they’d be cooked in the hot sun,” she continued.

“Sometimes we’d get a chicken that was dry and they’d have the skin on.”

The Pongols said it is important to note the drum drumstick did not need to be boiled for the process to work, but it had to be cooked with a wooden spoon.

The community would cook the chicken on a hot fire in the back yard.

“There was a lot more chicken meat that we could cook in the pots, which was a big help,” Mrs Ngaolin said.

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