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Watch: ‘Boil bags are the way of the future’: Heatwave hits America’s boilers

Boil bags have been in widespread use in some countries as a way to control the heat and prevent damage to the plants they are attached to.

In Australia, a boil bag is a plastic bag which holds the water from the boilers to cool down.

It is a device which has been used to reduce the boiling point of water and keep it cool enough to cook food.

A similar device was also used to keep the boil water cool in the US for a few years.

The problem in Australia, however, is that water from a boil is usually too hot to cook.

This means the water is not completely cool when it is cooked.

The boiling point is then too high, leading to the plant becoming over-heated and causing damage to its machinery.

The government in the Northern Territory has taken a different approach to the issue by using a boil water storage system which is designed to store the water in the boil bag.

The system is powered by solar panels which also have a solar panel that is used to heat the water to prevent it from turning to steam.

The boil water system also stores the heat from the water itself, which in turn stores the water and cools it during the summer.

Heatwave: How Australia’s boil water problem has impacted the health of communities in the north-east article A number of states in the northern part of the country have seen significant heatwaves in recent weeks.

The temperature is around 50 degrees Celsius in the Hobart area, and a further 40 degrees Celsius at a number of remote locations in the Kimberley.

The temperatures are expected to rise further in the coming days.

The heat has also caused a spike in deaths and injuries, with the number of hospitalised in the state recorded as more than 60 on Monday.

There has been a surge in reports of heatstroke and respiratory illnesses as people become increasingly ill.

In the Northern territory, two people have died in the past fortnight, with two more hospitalised.

In Darwin, three people died and six people were taken to hospital.

The deaths are all from heat stroke, but a further six have been taken to Darwin Hospital for further treatment.

The conditions are not expected to improve and the heatwave has led to severe flooding in parts of the city, which has forced residents to stay indoors.

In Perth, a number people have suffered heatstroke in the city and have been admitted to hospital for further medical treatment.

In Adelaide, temperatures reached the high 40s, with many residents suffering from heatstroke.

Heatwaves are not unusual during the heatwaves of the summer, with record heat in the United States.

The National Weather Service has warned that there is an increased risk of heatwaves and flooding as summer temperatures rise.

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